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The Net Wizard's Grimoire

This site contains more than 250 fan-created spells for the Ars Magica Fifth Edition game. Feel free to browse the spells through the menu on the right, or add your own!

(This is a Wiki; that means you can edit any page by simply pressing the "Edit" button above. You will be asked for a password - it is "password". But please read the Add A Spell page before posting.)


The magic system of Ars Magica is widely considered the best magic system in any roleplaying game. It is extremely flexible, allowing to put into game mechanics nearly any effect in a clear and robust manner. The limit is only the player's imagination.

This is where this wiki comes in - as a place to show off the imagination of Ars Magica fans. Along the way we hope to collect great and refreshing ideas, compile a comprehensive repository of spells and lab texts, and build a good place to discuss and settle issues with problematic spells.


Please browse the site, and edit it to add you wisdom. Only through your contributions can this wiki grow larger and better.

Let us work together as one and grow hale and strong.

-Bonisagus, the Hermetic Oath


Related Sites

If you like this wiki, there are some other places you might find interesting...

  • Atlas Games is the company that makes Ars Magica. You'll find ArM downloads, resources, and the company's forums (including the forum's Grimoire thread) here.
  • Project Redcap is the site collecting links to all Ars Magica sites on the web.
  • Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited presents various Ars Magica resources, including spells, suggestions for variant and expanded rules, background articles, new creatures, example magi, a listing of sagas looking for players, and more.
  • Virtues & Flaws our sister, or some say daughter, site - including all sorts of fan created virtues and flaws! Well, currently only a very few, but you can change that!


A Bit About pbWiki

So what's a wiki? Well...


  • WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
  • WikiStyle - find out how to edit wikis
  • SandBox - play around here to figure out how to edit wiki pages

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